ProMar Design Ltd.

ProMar Design Ltd. is a privately owned, medium-sized Naval Architecture and Design company founded in 2002, located in the town of Kastela near Split, Croatia on the Adriatic Coast. Our team of five full-time experienced designers and outsourcing capacities are highly trained, motivated and has the flexibility and leadership to successfully complete any project.
We are Promar design

Our mission

is to provide state-of-the-art design solutions and first-class service by maximizing design efficiency and minimizing cost for the customer, while maintaining the highest standard of quality and customer support.

Our core competitiveness is combining our extensive Naval Architectural knowledge to the ultimate set of industry ultimate set of industry-leading design leading design and engineering tools to create Design and engineering tools Solutions for the Marine and Plant Industry.

We are committed to providing efficient Engineering solutions, achieving overall benefits and cooperating closely with Classification Societies.
Conceptual Design
Project development
Basic Design (class)
Detail Design (workshop)
Project managment

"We deliver awesome product with zero compromise on quality."

– Vinko Strizić, CEO

We have a wide background and are licensed in using the following high-tech software tools:

Aveva Marine 12.1
Vantage Marine 11.6 with PDMS
Tribon M3
Rhinocheros 5.0
Auto Hydro
3D Modelling and Visualizaton
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